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Indulge your bathroom or your kitchen in a major makeover with countertops via granite, marble, composite quartz, or onyx. Any of these choices provide a high-quality product, adding a tremendous amount of value to your home as well as providing your room with a new sense of luxury. All we need you to do is to select the right countertop material to match your preferences, and we will take care of the rest.


Quartz is a very popular option, engineered to perfectly suit your kitchen or bathroom. Quartz can be used to build countertops but also can be purposed for bathroom vanities, bars, reception desks, tub decks and surrounds, shower enclosures, tables, and many other different items. Among the hardest and most durable stones, quartz comes recommended for all high-traffic surfaces though is more expensive than other options.


Marble as a countertop stone is an excellent choice. If you’re working within a tight financial reality, marble is an affordable option that can still turn your room into something extraordinary. Marble generally comes in lighter colors, traditionally is known for its swirls and veins, and is best suited for low-traffic areas such as furniture surfaces, floors, and bathrooms.


Granite is resistant to mold and mildew, and is impervious to hot frying pans, abrasions, stains, and chips. Its lasting durability makes it a favourite among those seeking a stone for their countertop.


Onyx is chosen for its beauty and depth, recommended typically for furniture tops as onyx is a delicate stone in comparison. This also marks an excellent choice for any backlighting a homeowner might wish to have.

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