Custom Stairs & Railings Installation in Vaughan

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Custom Stairs & Railings Installation in Vaughan

Custom Stairs & Railings Installation in Vaughan

Amongst the collection of areas we specialize in, stairs and railings are most often an important aspect of any home renovation or custom home. Built Custom Inc. offers wooden rod and iron bar railings as well as designs that include open concept staircases, circular, straight, and winder box among other options. If you are considering making your stairs a focal point to your custom home or home renovation, choose a contractor that has experience in how to accent homes to perfection.


Built Custom Inc. utilizes the latest technologies and tools to design and manufacture high-quality steps. We will do our best to save you time and money during the installation process, ensuring that the finished product of cleverly designed and elegantly handcrafted steps is perfect in every detail.


Wooden Rods

Wooden rods is one of the more popular options for stair installation. As we have grown into a leading custom home building company, we have found that wooden rods add a solid value to beautiful stair and railing systems, suiting many different applications and personalities.

Iron Rods

Iron rods are another of our most popular options. Whether it’s for a simple staircase or something more complex and high-end, our highly skilled designers will ensure the right fit to express the aesthetic and architectural requirements for your project.

No matter the type of staircase you may want, or even if you are not yet sold on a design, we can provide you with the available options, ensuring that every component of your staircase is overseen by your preferences.


Custom Stairs & Railings Installation in Vaughan

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